Get in Touch

You can contact Student Financial Support via our:

Helpline: 0161 247 1045

A member of Student Financial Support will be available to take your call during the following hours:

Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:15pm


Drop-in service: Business School Student Hub

A member of Student Financial Support will be available during the following normal operating hours: 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10.00am - 3:00pm 

The drop-in service is closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you wish to speak to a member of Student Financial Support on these dates, please contact our helpline. 

From time to time we may not be available as advertised here. To check our opening hours ahead of calling in, contact our helpline: 0161 247 1045. 

Calls and drop-in meetings are intended to last up to 15 minutes. For issues that cannot be resolved in that time, we may provide follow-up support via email or book an appointment in order to best support you. Appointments are booked via the Helpline or the Drop-in service at the discretion of the Student Financial Support Staff.


Our Address

Student Financial Support Team
Student Management Office
Manchester Metropolitan University
1st Floor, 6 Great Marlborough Street
M1 5AL

Student Financial Support Team

Amy Byrne

Student Financial Support Manager

Helpline 0161 247 1045

Carol McDonald

Student Financial Support Officer

Helpline 0161 247 1045

Sally Hind

Student Financial Support Officer

Helpline 0161 247 1045

Donna Phillips

Student Financial Support Administrator

Helpline 0161 247 1045

Andrea Simpson

Student Financial Support Manager

0161 247 1825

 Please do not contact team members or the service manager directly for money guidance: always use our helpline or the drop-in as a first point of contact. Where a reasonable adjustment to our service delivery is required because you are disabled, or if you are unable to call or drop-in for any reason, please contact the manager Amy Byrne who will arrange the relevant support for you.

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