Student Voice

Share your student voice and make a difference

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

Whether you want to tell us what’s working well or have an idea on how things could be improved, we want to hear about it – the good, the bad and the ugly!

We are proud of our partnership with students and believe that working together is the best way to ensure that students can fulfil their potential and make the most of their time at university.

The time you take to share your views and opinions is hugely appreciated and your feedback will be used to make improvements to all aspects of the student experience.

Read our 'Your Student Voice Making A Difference' booklet to learn more about the exciting student experience improvements for the 2018/19 academic year based on your feedback.

How can you get involved and make a difference?

There are lots of different ways you can share your student voice during your time at Manchester Metropolitan:

National Student Survey

The National Student Survey (NSS) is an annual survey (between January-April) that gives our final year undergraduate students the opportunity to reflect on their experience at Manchester Metropolitan and provide feedback about their course.


Internal Student Survey

The Internal Student Survey (ISS) gives our taught students an opportunity to share their views and opinions about their course and units (during the autumn and spring terms) so that any necessary improvements can be made during their time at Manchester Metropolitan.


Mid-unit evaluation

The mid-unit evaluation is a quick check-in halfway through each taught unit, to see how students are finding the course. This gives tutors the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments to help ensure students are getting the most from their learning experience.


Directly to your Programme team

One of the quickest and easiest ways for students to share their views about their course (about things that might not be picked up in surveys) is by directly contacting their Personal Tutor or Programme/Unit Leader. Whether this is face-to-face, over email or at a drop-in session, we want to hear what students think.


Course Reps/Students Union

The Union works on the behalf of all students to make sure their voices are heard across the University.

At cross-university management levels, elected Student Officers work with University staff to collaborate on topics that have an impact on the whole University.

At course level, elected Student Course Representatives play a crucial role in sharing students views at regular programme and departments meetings.

Students can also contact their Course Reps or their Students’ Union Officers with feedback throughout the academic year.

Graduate Outcomes Survey

It’s not just during your time at the University that your student voice matters – the Graduate Outcomes Survey (that takes place 15 months after you graduate) is your opportunity to reflect on your experience at Manchester Metropolitan and feedback on our careers and employability support for our students and graduates.

How your feedback makes a difference

Your feedback helps drive the University to make important and exciting changes to the student experience. Find out more about the latest improvements for the 2018/19 academic year:

Lecture Capture

We’ve introduced Lecture Capture technology to 40 of our most intensively used spaces across the University. Lecture Capture automatically records lectures and where units have opted in to the system. The recording is then uploaded onto Moodle for students to access. Your Lecturer will let you know at the start of the unit or lecture if the recording will be available.

Students told us they found the recordings really useful for revising and going over parts of lectures they maybe didn’t understand the first time round. Being able to listen to lectures again, made students less anxious about taking notes and meant they were able to listen, engage and understand more during the session. 


We know it can sometimes be hard for new students to adapt to the different demands of academic writing at a university level. This year we are introducing external online support for students, to help further develop their writing skills.

Our foundation and first year students can use Studiosity, an external online service accessed via Moodle, which will review your draft work and give you quick feedback about how to improve your academic writing style.

If you would like further support with your academic study skills, including your writing, you can also access on campus workshops, one-to-one sessions or email the Learner Development team. Find out more.

Computer support

During the 2018 summer break, we have invested in new computer technology across campus to support your student success:

  • 105 high powered computers have been installed in the Library Computer Zone
  • Matlab has been installed on all open access PC’s across the University
  • Moodle has been upgraded – providing a more mobile friendly experience 


Students have told us they are proud to attend the UK’s Greenest University and we’ve focused our catering improvements around being even more sustainable.

For the 2018/19 academic year, we will be reducing single-use hot cup drinks and we will be introducing reusable water bottles in our food and drink outlets.

In addition, all food and drink menus across campus have been refreshed and we are currently reviewing our provision further with students support.

We’ve also installed new microwaves for students to use across campus and we are looking for opportunities to install even more.

Exam opportunities

We‘ve reviewed the way we support those students who need to resubmit coursework or retake exams in the summer and have added an extra assessment board before the start of each academic year.

This means students requiring a second reassessment will have the opportunity to progress with their cohort and not have to take a year out of their studies.

Student Support

We’ve invested in our Student Support Services and are introducing a new wide range of workshops to help students thrive and succeed no matter what life might throw at them.

In addition, we have also welcomed more staff members to our Counselling, Health & Wellbeing Service, so you will always have someone available if you require some professional support.