Study Success

Everything you need to achieve your potential

The success of our students is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Academic Community Commitment sets out how everyone at the University works in partnership to support you to achieve your goals at Manchester Met.

As an independent learner, you will be responsible for attending your timetabled sessions, using all the University resources available to you and getting your assignments in on time. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of support along the way.

From study skill workshops and dedicated faculty Student Support Officers, to guidance on submitting assessments and how your course is managed, we’ve got it covered. The University is here to support your success and if you are having difficulties with your course, get in touch with someone as soon as possible and you will be back on track in no time.


The Assessments area in Moodle will tell you everything you need to know about what is required from you and when your assessments are due. Whether you are new to submitting assessments at Manchester Met or just want a refresher, check out our useful coursework and exam guides to bring you up to speed on everything from planning to submitting your work.

Other useful info:

  • If you have reasons that affect your ability to complete an assignment, our Exceptional Factors process may be able to help
  • You may wish to appeal a decision that has been made, which can be done by submitting an Academic Appeal
  • Sometimes we all need another chance, even with assessments – find out more about taking reassessments to make sure you succeed second time around
  • For the full assessment rules and regulations (that cover all taught programmes of study at Manchester Metropolitan), check out our Assessment Regulations 2017/18

Course information

Students with the best attendance records usually get the best grades, so it’s important that you make a note of the term dates and regularly check your personalised timetable on Moodle. We keep track of your attendance so, if needed, we can get in touch to check everything is okay and ask what additional support you might require. Don’t forget to register your attendance with Count Me In when you go to your timetabled sessions!

To help you understand your course better, your programme specification will tell you everything you need to know, including what is covered, how you will be assessed and your learning outcomes.  External Examiners are also appointed to make sure the assessments test you and your classmates fairly. 

Other useful info:

  • Sometimes it’s necessary to make improvements to your course in response to feedback from students or External Examiners, or to reflect current trends – find out more in our programme modification guidance
  • Many of our courses offer the option to study abroad at partner universities across the world, so if you fancy discovering a new learning environment or to broaden your horizons, it’s definitely worth checking out

Study support

There’s a wide range of support available to help you fulfil your potential and make sure you get the most out of your studies at Manchester Met.

Take part in Academic study skills workshops, use the interactive resources in Skills Online or get advice from our Student Support Officers. You can also join face-to-face and online writing courses to improve your writing and get personal writing feedback on your draft essays and assignments from our writing experts.

If English is your second or additional language, check out the support available from our Coaching for Academic English programme, including help to use language appropriately in an academic setting and develop your writing.

The Library run a range of Info Skills workshops on topics such as referencing and finding information.

The Maths Café offer a range of numerical and statistical support, as well as peer-to-peer support from our fantastic Data Buddies to help you succeed with your assessments. 

For technical expertise and knowledge to assist you with your project work, our dedicated Technical Services team are on hand to offer training and guidance.

If you have a disability, health condition or Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD), such as dyslexia, our friendly advisers in the Disability Service can provide ongoing, confidential advice about the support available to you to help you succeed.


Policies, Regulations and Procedures

We take great pride in putting the quality of your student experience at the heart of everything we do. One of the ways we do this is by implementing policies, regulations and procedures that are relevant to your studies and day-to-day life at the University.

The Student Case Management Team support and manage a number of University processes including appeals, student complaints and student code of conduct issues.

Postgraduate research students

As a postgraduate research student, check out the Graduate School for a one-stop shop of useful information to support you in delivering excellent research.