Feedback from students tells us that studying in a sixth form or further education college can be a very different experience to studying at university.

At university, you will be expected to take much more responsibility for managing your own studies and quickly learn how to manage your time and juggle different priorities, and that’s where the Learner Development Team can help.

Use the Skills Online resource on Moodle anytime, 24/7. It features sections on writing essays and reports, time management, referencing, presentations and much more. Take one of the quizzes to check your understanding and help you to remember what you have learnt.

You can also check out our short videos; crammed with top tips, they’re a great way to get started. These resources are designed to be used to complement your programme-based teaching and learning activities. Aimed at all students, they’re available to help you to become the most effective learner you can.

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