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The Writing Project course

Delivered face-to-face for either eight weeks (one and a half hours per week) or four weeks (three hours per week). The focus of this course is style, punctuation, grammatical accuracy, organisation, how to paraphrase and summarise effectively and, ultimately, how to become a stylish writer. 

The Writing Project: the essentials webinar course

This online six week course (one hour per week) can be attended from anywhere that is convenient for you. All you need is a laptop with sound and an internet connection. It covers topics such as punctuation, grammatical accuracy, style and how to paraphrase and summarise effectively.


The Stylish Writing course

Delivered face-to-face for four weeks (two hours per week), this course is aimed at confident writers who want to develop their sense of style in writing. Through exploring a range of academic styles and genres, the course encourages individual reflection on the demands of different forms of writing and assessment, as well as providing general advice on aspects of style. Topics covered on the course include academic voice, the language of criticality, building an argument, fluency and concision. The main objective of the course is to encourage greater awareness of the specific demands of academic writing and increased confidence in applying techniques to produce more stylistically advanced pieces of academic writing. 

The Mechanics of Writing course

Delivered face-to-face for four weeks (two hours per week), this course aims to build your confidence in the ‘mechanics’ of writing. Focusing on grammatical and structural characteristics of language, the course enables students to improve accuracy in their academic writing. The topics covered are parts of speech, sentence types and structure, punctuation, tenses and grammatical person, paragraphing, introductions and conclusions, and proofreading skills. Each lesson examines how the topic applies to academic writing, as well as addressing common writing errors. This should support you to identify and correct issues in your assignments. 

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Want some help, but can’t commit to a course? We run lots of standalone workshops, which cover similar topics. 

Prefer independent study in your own way and time? Why not have a look at some of our online resources, including those we use across The Writing Project courses. 

Not sure what’s best for you?  If you are unsure which course would be the most beneficial, you can always book a one-to-one appointment with a member of the Learner Development team who will be more than happy to help guide you. Bring along a piece of your writing to really get the most from your session

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