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If you want to discuss your writing and receive some feedback prior to submitting an essay, assignment or your dissertation, why not email us or book a one-to-one appointment?

We can help with a range of queries and show you where to go for further help if required. Simply let us know what you would like feedback on, for example your argument, structure, grammar and we can really focus in.  

Please note this is not a proofreading service, it is designed to help you to identify areas for development and to learn how to correct them. We aim to provide feedback on documents submitted by email within four working days. Feedback is provided by academic study skills experts, not a subject specialist for your course. 

You can also learn how to develop your writing by using our online resources or taking part in a writing workshop or course.

If English is your second or additional language, check out the support available from the Coaching for Academic English programme, including help to use language appropriately in an academic setting and develop your writing.


Foundation and first year undergraduate students

We know it can sometimes be hard for new students to adapt from school or college to academic writing at university level. We’ve connected with Studiosity, an external online service accessed via Moodle. Studiosity will review your draft work and give you quick feedback about how to improve your academic writing style.   

Studiosity is...

Studiosity is not...

To submit your draft written work to Studiosity

Watch this short video to see how to log in and submit your work.

Login to Moodle and select ‘Academic Study Skills’. Click on the link to Studiosity and you’ll be taken to an external website where you can follow the instructions to submit your work. You’ll receive an email notification when your submission has been reviewed and your feedback is ready for you to read.   

Access Studiosity now

Need help to access Studiosity?

If you have any problems logging in to Studiosity through Moodle, contact the IT Helpline.  

If you have any other questions, or want to get help to understand and act on Studiosity feedback, contact the Learner Development Team.  

Frequently asked questions...

Who can use Studiosity?

This service is offered to foundation year and first year undergraduate students to support their transition to university and be successful at academic writing. Foundation year and first year undergraduate students can submit up to ten pieces of written work. It is provided in addition to the dedicated academic study skills support offered to all Manchester Met students as part of their course, and from the University’s Learner Development team, and in addition to the Coaching for Academic English offered to international students. 

How do I submit my work?

From the Academic Study Skills page in Moodle, click on the link to Studiosity. You’ll be taken to an external site provided by Studiosity. Follow the instructions to upload and submit your work. You’ll receive an email notification when your submission has been reviewed and feedback provided.  Once you have logged in via Moodle, you will also be provided with a 6-digit pin to use if you choose to install the Studiosity app on your mobile.   

What kind of feedback will I receive?

An academic writing specialist will provide constructive feedback on your submission to improve your writing, but they do not have subject-specific knowledge of your course or topic and cannot advise you on this. The feedback will focus on key elements of academic writing - structure, language choice, idea development, referencing, grammar and punctuation.

This is not a proofreading service. Your feedback might highlight the first three instances of areas for improvement in your submission; for example, it might show the first three instances of grammar issues, not all grammar issues in the assignment. Studiosity provide general referencing advice, not feedback on the specific referencing system used on your course. (Seek advice on referencing from your tutor or the Library.) 

Studiosity will not check your work for instances of plagiarism (visit Skills Online on Moodle to understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it).

Studiosity does not assess the quality of your response to the assessment task and how this meets the assessment criteria and therefore any feedback received here does not provide an indication of your final mark/grade.  

How often can I submit?

Foundation year and first year undergraduate students can make up to ten submissions over the academic year and receive detailed feedback on how to improve it. Once this limit is reached you are strongly advised to seek more intensive support from the University’s Learner Development Team.

Is there a word limit?

Uploads should be no more than 5500 words, with a file size under 4 MB. The minimum word submission is 500 words.  If your essay is in its early stages, try to submit a section from the main body of your work in order to receive the most useful feedback on your writing.

What file type can I submit?

Studiosity supports doc, docx, odt, txt or rtf files under 4 MB in size.

How long will it take to receive feedback?

You should receive feedback on your writing within 24 hours of uploading it. The Studiosity system alerts you to the feedback return time before you upload a document. You will receive an email notification when your feedback has been completed and is ready for you to read. 

Where can I get help to understand and act on my Studiosity feedback?

Studiosity is provided in addition to the academic study skills support offered as part of your course and from the Learner Development team. If your Studiosity feedback highlights a clear area for further development, use the academic study skills online resources or book onto the relevant academic study skills workshop. Alternatively, you may wish to speak to Manchester Met’s study support experts in person. Book an appointment with the Learner Development team or call 0161 247 3330. 

I am not a foundation year or first year student, where can I get help with my academic writing?

Access online academic study skills videos, book onto a study skills workshop, or contact the Learner Development team to speak to Manchester Met’s study support experts in person. You can also receive feedback on your writing via email or Skype.

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