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Please read this information if you or someone you know is in serious distress or danger.

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Confidentiality means that what you discuss with a Counsellor, Mental Health Adviser or Wellbeing Adviser will be kept private. These staff work within an Ethical Framework for Good Practice in both Counselling and Psychotherapy and have regular professional consultative support for their work. The identity of the client is safeguarded. 

If anyone outside the Counselling, Mental Health and Wellbeing Service enquires about a student, we explain to them that it is a confidential service and that we cannot comment on whom we may or may not be seeing, or have seen. We do listen to the concerns of the enquirer and try to assist them in making their own choices about how to approach or help someone else.

Consent to share information

There are occasional circumstances where it is good practice to share information with others who are helping you / could help you. This might include other Manchester Met support services, your doctor or other health professional. When you register with the Service you will be asked to complete a registration and consent form and given the option to tell us who your information can be shared with.

You can decline consent to share at any stage, but this may affect the support we can offer. We advise you to explore and discuss consent during your initial consultation.

You can update your consent at any time. To do this please talk to your Counsellor, Mental Health Adviser or Wellbeing Adviser or email us at

The Counselling, Mental Health and Wellbeing Privacy Notice provides further detail about how and why we collect and use personal information about you and who we share your information with.

Exceptional circumstances

There are exceptional circumstances in which we may be required to go beyond the normal boundaries of confidentiality. Where possible the Counsellor,  Mental Health Adviser or Wellbeing  Adviser will seek to discuss these prior to any disclosures or action. These exceptional circumstances are:

  • where a student is at immediate risk of causing serious harm to themselves or others;
  • where we are legally required to disclose.

Privacy Notice

Our privacy notice details information we hold about you, the legal justification for us doing so and how we may use that information.

If you have any concerns or queries about this information please discuss them with your Counsellor, Mental Health Adviser or Wellbeing Adviser in the first instance.

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