What is a research degree?

A research degree allows you to make your mark on the world by undertaking an advanced research project with guidance from expert academics and practitioners.

Are you relentlessly curious, with a passion for solving problems and delivering real-world benefits to society, culture, the environment or the economy? Then a research degree is for you.

A postgraduate research degree challenges you to independently complete a research project that pushes the boundaries of our understanding. Unlike a taught degree, a research degree emphasises independence of learning and increased specialisation. You will manage your own research project in order to investigate your topic in depth and to produce new ideas, arguments and solutions.

A research degree will give you the subject matter expertise and transferable skills necessary for a wide range of senior roles in research and academia, as well as in business, industry and the cultural and creative sectors.

2020/21 PGR Brochure.

Support and development

A research degree requires independent study. Depending on your project, you will spend much of your time reading, experimenting, designing, analysing, writing, and re-writing.

But you won’t work alone. You will have a supervisory team of expert academics and practitioners who will guide your research. You will also build networks among your fellow researchers at Manchester Met, across the North West and throughout the country.

You will have the opportunity to develop yourself personally and professionally in areas that will support you to flourish both as a reasearcher and on one of the many career paths open to you upon completion of your research degree. For an overview of what's available to our researchers, download a copy of our PGR Training and Development Brochure 2019/20.

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Psychology PhD (2015-2018)

"Be prepared for helpful supervisors, a cool campus and many great opportunities!"

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Types of research degree

We offer two categories of research degree.

Master’s research degrees

Research degrees at Master’s level require you to complete a research project of 15,000-40,000 words, depending on the discipline and level. This project must advance the boundaries of understanding through demonstrating originality in the application of knowledge.

Research degrees at master’s level include:

Doctoral degrees

Research degrees at doctoral level are the highest degree we can award, and allow the successful student to refer to themselves as ‘doctor’. A doctoral degree requires you to complete a research project typically of around 80,000 words (40,000 words in Science and Engineering disciplines). The project must make an original contribution to knowledge in order to extend the forefront of your discipline.

Doctoral degrees include:

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