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in the Cheshire Campus

Opportunities are available to study for the research degrees of MPhil and PhD, either full-time or part-time. Research is focused on a number of different Research Institutes across the University.

Cheshire Campus

The broad range of subject areas offered at the Cheshire campus means there are opportunities for research degrees in a variety of fields. There is a lively research culture, which provides a range of facilities to support students at postgraduate level.

English and American Literature

Research areas cover both literary criticism and issues around the relation between literature and its political, social and ideological context. Other topics include critical theory, renaissance, romanticism, modernism and American writing across a range of genres.


Research covers both geography and environmental geography. Our research activity draws on an experienced staff team with an interdisciplinary background in geography. Staff research interests include: lake sedimentology and geomorphology; fertility and education in India; gender and world development issues; issues of access, conflict and impact on countryside recreation; biogeography and biodendrochronology.


The focus at Cheshire campus is on applied and analytical philosophy with particular research specialisms in the area of ethics and medicine, Wittgenstein, film as philosophy and the philosophy of emotions.


The main focus of research is in social psychology, in particular: psychological perspectives on the self, representations, understanding children's development, social constructions of mental illness/gender, consciousness, clinical psychology, sports psychology, spiritual abuse, self-harm, and counselling.

Sociology and Applied Social Studies

Research covers a wide range of sociological topics including:

  • Gambling and risk
  • Childhood and adolescence
  • Social aspects of health and alternative therapies
  • Political and ideological dimensions of education policy
  • Youth cultures and youth policy
  • Social inclusion/exclusion
  • Young people, jobs, training, education


Before applying for a research degree, applicants should have a preliminary discussion with a member of staff to discuss a proposed research project. 
For queries, please contact:


How to Apply

Please complete the Research Degree Application Form.

Research Degree Application Form

Before you apply, we recommend that you:

  • Contact the relevant Research Degrees Co-ordinator within your chosen area of interest to discuss the project or your ideas.
  • Ensure that you have gathered the necessary supporting documents required and submit them along with your application where possible: references, passport copy, qualification transcripts and certificates, English language proficiency evidence where relevant.
Next Stages of Your Application

We will contact you to let you know the initial outcome of your application, and invite you to attend an interview where appropriate.

Once the university is satisfied with the following, we will send you an offer letter informing you that you have been offered a place of study:

  • Your research proposal
  • The entry requirements have been met
  • You have satisfactory references
  • We have the expertise and resources to be able to supervise you
  • And you have had a successful interview

Some offers may be conditional upon achieving certain grades in your examinations, or successfully completing a particular programme. You must satisfy these conditions before we can confirm your unconditional place.

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