Student profiles

Hear the experiences of some of our recent research students.

PhD Students

Zeyad Waleed Albuahamel

Business School PhD student from Saudi Arabia

"Manchester is such a beautiful city – I like to call it the city of all-in-one. You can’t be bored in Manchester!"

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Marie Chollier

PhD student from France, working on stigma, HIV and sexual health

"As a psychologist, this is a very good opportunity to be in an enriching environment and be able to relate to different disciplines regarding a sensitive topic."

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James Xu

PhD student

"Manchester Met offers many resources to help you get the most from your degree. I have travelled to conferences and taken courses to improve my IT, writing and leadership skills."

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Dr Nadia Ali

Department of Life Sciences, MSc Biomedical Science PhD

"I combine my research in the area of diabetes with my passion for teaching, which gives me the perfect balance."

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Dr. Amuda Agneswaran

Psychology PhD (2015-2018)

"I’m inspired by my inner passion, which motivates me to try my best to achieve success in whatever I do"

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Postgraduate Study