Writing a Personal Statement

Our guide to help you through it

The personal statement – 4,000 characters to make your case

You only have one personal statement. It is your chance to convince Admissions Tutors of your enthusiasm and suitability for a course. You need to make your application stand out so it's important to work on your statement to create the best possible impression.

Research your course options before you apply for university

You need to make sure that you check the detailed information about your course choices. You can find out more about courses at Manchester Metropolitan University from our online prospectus.

It is really important that you allow yourself plenty of time to research your course and write your personal statement; you may have to write several drafts until you get your statement right.

How much do I need to write?

You only have 4,000 characters (47 lines) to make your case, so you need to structure it well and check that each sentence adds something new. There is also a minimum limit of 1,000 characters. Make sure you tailor your personal statement and include relevant examples that are appropriate to your course.

Getting started

It is important to plan what to include and list what evidence you think might interest an Admissions Tutor:

Once you’ve listed everything, think about what you have learnt from your experiences and how this relates to the course. Select relevant examples to include in your statement and organise the information so that your personal statement builds a strong argument for why you should be offered a place.

Structuring your personal statement – presenting your case


Why you want to study this course – focus the tutor’s attention in the opening paragraph. First impressions count!

Main body of application

Work experience



Personal statement: Dos and Don’ts



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