Frequently asked questions

If you have any queries about the scheme and your application, you may find the answer below. If not, feel free to contact us on or 0161 247 2980.

Does being accepted onto the scheme guarantee me a place at Manchester Met?

Unfortunately not. Acceptance doesn’t mean you’ll have an unconditional offer, as you’ll still need to meet the conditions of any offer made. However, it will mean you’ll benefit from the support and advice of the scheme throughout the application process. 

I’m from outside the UK, can I still apply?

The scheme does require you be a ‘home’ student, so you’ll need to live or study in the Greater Manchester area. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you fit into this category, use this tool on the UKCISA website to check.

I don’t quite meet the qualifications stated, should I still apply?

Even if you don’t quite have the qualifications stated, there’s no harm in putting in an application, as we look at a range of other factors which may mean we can accept you.   

Do I need GCSE Maths and English?

We expect you to have GCSE Maths and English Language at C or above, but if you’re re-sitting either subject and hope to improve your mark, it’s still worth applying if you meet the rest of the criteria. Just let us know in your personal statement you are re-sitting.  

I’m applying for the Foundation in Art and Design

If you’re applying for the Foundation in Art and Design, you’re still welcome to and, if accepted, you’ll progress in the same way as everyone else. However, please be aware the scholarship is only paid to you when you enter the first year of the full degree programme (which would be your second year at University). 

I’ve applied to the Manchester Access Programme (MAP) at the University of Manchester – can I apply for First Generation too?

There’s nothing to stop you applying, and even taking part in, both schemes. However we’d just ask that you consider your capacity to do both, and that if offered a place on our scheme you keep us informed should you wish to withdraw at any stage.

Is the Summer School compulsory?

Yes. The Summer School is compulsory if you want to continue on the programme when you progress to Manchester Metropolitan and receive your scholarship. If you’re unable to attend, there may be an alternative event you can attend the following year.

I didn’t study GCSEs as I was abroad/elsewhere in the UK

If you have GCSE equivalent qualifications you should list these on the application form and we will take them into account. Please note we may ask to see copies of your certificates.

Will the bursary affect the other financial support I am entitled to?

No, the bursary will not affect any other financial support you are entitled to – it is entirely in addition to your other entitlements.

What’s involved in the Summer School?

The Summer School is designed to give you an insight into life at university and the subjects on offer.  More information about the Summer School is available on our Activities page. 

Do I have to stay overnight?

We do expect you to take part in the full Summer School experience, which includes staying overnight.  However we will take into account any expectional circumstances which may prevent you from doing so, but would still expect you to take part in the evening activities.

I don’t live in Greater Manchester, but I study at a Greater Manchester college

The criteria is you either live or study in Greater Manchester. So, if you don’t live in Greater Manchester, but your college has a GM postcode, you’ll be eligible to apply (and vice versa). 

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