Meet our students

The following students joined the First Generation scheme in Summer 2017 and are part of the very first cohort of the programme – leading the way for future generations! You can find out what they have to say about the scheme and the Summer School in the following videos:

 Firzah Ali

  Oldham Sixth Form College

Watch Firzah's interview on YouTube

Julan Walters

  Xaverian College

Watch Julan's interview on YouTube

Shaquille Henry

  Xaverian College

Watch Shaquille's interview on YouTube

 Tanzeela Shabbir Bibi

  Parrs Wood Sixth Form

Watch Tanzeela's interview on YouTube


You can also find out a bit more about some of our other students in the following profiles:


 Sara Rawat

  Bolton Sixth Form College


"The First Generation Scheme first caught my eye because of the benefits the scheme offered, and because I wanted to break boundaries and apply for university – something no one in my family has done before.

At first, I thought of the scheme as something that would just help me financially and develop my skills, but after I attended the summer school I realised that the scheme was much more than that. I met people I could relate to, and became more confident within myself.

It is definitely nerve wracking being the first in my family to head off to university, but being part of the First Generation Scheme has erased some of those butterflies and helped clear any blurry lines about the understanding of my course."

 Saaliha Khan

  The Cheadle College 


“I applied to the First Generation scheme as I felt it could help me get a little more of an insight on what university life is like and what I am to expect there. I am hoping to get extra advice and information from this scheme that I wouldn’t really get from college or home, and am looking forward to meeting other people in the same stage as me in life – considering going university and not knowing much about it.

Being the first to go university in your family is quite daunting as there isn’t really anyone there to guide you. It’s also very hard being able to decide the best course for you and what you actually want to spend your few years at uni studying. The First Generation scheme has helped answer so many of my questions already, and hopefully that is going to continue!”

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