Studying in Manchester

Blending a uniquely cosmopolitan character with a vibrant and unforgettable atmosphere, Manchester is a truly multicultural city with a rich history and a culture of innovation.


From niche and intimate venues to one of the largest arenas in Europe – Manchester is a city steeped in music. With a rich musical heritage, Manchester offers an eclectic variety of acts, often in quirky or unusual settings, not to mention a calendar packed with all day events and festivals. 


Manchester is also famous for not one, but two, internationally recognised football teams, regularly playing at the equally renowned Old Trafford and City of Manchester stadiums. With a museum dedicated to football and smaller local teams, Manchester is a football lovers’ utopia.


Manchester has a reputation for its trailblazing nightlife, with world famous clubs, niche nights, laidback events and much more. Sample the kitsch and bohemian bars of the Northern Quarter, the stylish surroundings of Deansgate and the vibrant Canal Street. 


Manchester offers a thriving and idiosyncratic arts scene, with established galleries hosting permanent collections, critically acclaimed exhibitions and world famous artists. With a variety of contemporary arts, a fantastic independent cinema, literary festivals and more - the city offers an exhilarating hub of creativity.

Outdoor pursuits

For those who want to explore beyond the confines of the city, there is wealth of stunning landscapes just a train ride away, at the surrounding national parks. The Peak District offers unrivalled natural beauty alongside a range of outdoor sports, such as rock-climbing, mountain biking, hiking and more.


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