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“I try to introduce interdisciplinary learning into all my teaching practices. I don't want to tell my students that they are only a scientist, or only a poet, but instead they are people with infinite potential.”
Dr Sam Illingworth
Senior Lecturer,
Science Communication
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“Every year what excites me is that sense that I’m going to meet a whole new set of characters and be told a whole new set of stories.”
Joe Stretch
Senior Lecturer,
Creative Writing
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Our excellent teaching quality has been recognised with a Teaching Excellence Framework Silver award

“For me, what’s really important is students developing real-world skills and coming up with innovative ideas.”
Nathalie Evans
Senior Lecturer,
Fashion Business
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“I try to always challenge what a brief might be to the students. I aim for all projects to have a live element to them where students can interact with real citizens.”
Helen Aston
Senior Lecturer,
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“As our students progress through their units they take more and more leadership, so by the third year they’re working as social entrepreneurs.”
Dr Mark Peace
Faculty Head of Education
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“I involve my students in the learning process and encourage them to debate and to learn from one another.”
Dr Bamidele Adebisi
Intelligent Infrastructure Systems
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