Manchester Metropolitan is proud to have been awarded silver in the Teaching Excellence Framework, reinforcing the high quality teaching that we provide to our students across our courses.

Our campus is designed around the student experience, providing our students with high quality teaching in a friendly and supportive environment and with some of the best learning facilities in the UK.

Our excellent teaching quality has been recognised with a Teaching Excellence Framework Silver award.

Based on the evidence available, the TEF Panel judged that Manchester Metropolitan University delivers high-quality teaching, learning and outcomes for its students. It consistently exceeds rigorous national quality requirements for UK higher education. 

What is TEF?

The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) was introduced by the Government to recognise and reward high-quality teaching in higher education. It aims to give students clear information about where teaching quality is the best and where students have achieved the best outcomes. Through the TEF, the quality of teaching is assessed and rated, encouraging a stronger focus on this area. 

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Teaching excellence at Manchester Metropolitan University

How is TEF assessed?

Universities are assessed against three criteria; teaching quality, learning outcomes and student outcomes and gains. These criteria are assessed against six core metrics and a provider submission statement from us as a University. The metrics are based on scores using various statistics, including National Student Survey (NSS) scores, drop-out rates and employment data. Each university is assigned benchmarks based on the makeup of its student population, ensuring that all universities need to strive for very high standards.

Manchester Metropolitan also provided a written provider statement of evidence to help the government make its decision. You can read that statement here: Teaching excellence at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Who assesses our submission?

What does this mean to us as a University?

The TEF recognises and rewards excellent learning and teaching at an institution and allows us to celebrate the high standards that are recognised. TEF also allows us to continuously strive to achieve excellent teaching as well as helping us improve year on year. 

What does this mean to our current students?

The student experience whilst at University is one that can transform opportunities in life. Our excellent teaching standards and learning outcomes, as recognised by TEF, is one that we are thoroughly proud of and it reinforces the message that our students are studying at a high quality institution. The TEF allows us to continuously strive to achieve excellent teaching as well as helping us improve year on year. It gives students an opportunity to work with their higher education providers to understand current performance including both highlighting areas of excellent teaching and identifying further improvements.

What does this mean to our prospective students?

For future students, the TEF will provide clear information about the quality of teaching and where students have achieved the best outcomes, to inform their choices. Each provider with a TEF award will be rated as Gold, Silver or Bronze.

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