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Education Team (Birley)


Preparing Van de Graff generator for Secondary Physics practical


Setting up for a practical session in Textile Technology


Cultivating plants for life science practical activities


Using the kiln for ceramic practical sessions


Technical staff preparing combustible materials for Secondary Chemistry session



Preparing resistant materials for D&T practical sessions


Assisting students in Secondary Food Technology Practical


Member of technical support staff upgrading programmable robot


Setting up for a mathematics teaching workshop


Exhibiting student work in the Art Gallery


Technical staff demonstrating the operation of a printing press


Setting up for a practical session in food technology


Setting up for a practical session in the resistant materials lab


Preparing instruments in the music studio for a practical session


Preparing the drama space

Members of the technical team within the Faculty of Education provide technical support for undergraduate, postgraduate programmes and researchers within Education and Early Childhood Studies.

The technicians have a diverse range of knowledge and skills. They provide essential support to classroom, laboratory and workshop based activities in the subject areas of Maths, Science, Art, Drama, Design & Technology, Ceramics, Sport, Humanities and ICT.

What we provide

The technical team have a diverse range of knowledge and skills. The specialist classrooms, laboratories and workshops along with Student Resource Centre are supported and maintained by the technical staff. Providing spaces in which practical learning can safely take place.

Specialist teaching areas

The Faculty of Education’s dedicated specialist areas seek to simulate those found in primary and secondary schools.  They consist of Chemistry, Biology and Physics laboratories which are shared with the STEM Education North West Centre; Drama Studio; Ceramics, Plaster and Resistant materials workshops; three Art and Printing classrooms; Food Technology workshops, Textiles workshops, Sports Hall and drop-in Resource Centre.  The Faculty also has a Gallery for the exhibition of artwork by students and associated schools.

How we improve your student experience

The technical team enhances the teaching experience by providing in-depth knowledge, supported by a wealth of experience in all the specialist areas. We ensure that classrooms, laboratories and workshops are fit for purpose, and that all specialist equipment is safe to use. We keep up to date with innovations, developments and trends within our areas of expertise and provide that additional support that turns a good session into a great session.

Our location

Birley Building, Manchester campus

Booking our services

Our Technical Staff are able to offer specialist expertise and advice in the many areas they support.  Please contact the relevant member of Technical Staff for assistance.

Contact us

Russell Thompson, Technical Team Leader - 0161 247 2382

Our staff

Department of Apparel

Magnification of fabric

Pilling test

Digitising patterns in to Gerber system


Innovation Zone


6-needle electronic embroidery machine

Demonstration of elastic attachment for lingerie

Ultrasonic welding


Body scanning session


CAD drop-in


Laser cutting service for students

The Department of Apparel has an excellent portfolio of technical equipment and facilities. The technical support teams provides expert advice, support and guidance reinforcing student learning on new and innovative equipment.

The 2 teams of 11 professional staff support subject disciplines and activities relating to CAD Pattern and Garment Construction, Anthropometrics, Textile Testing. The Resource Centre provides technical advice on garment construction, laser cutting, embroidery along with a comprehensive range of fabric, threads, trimmings and student support materials.

The team of 11 expert staff support subject disciplines and activities relating to clothing design and manufacture. Notable services inlude advice and technical support with; anthropometrics, Textile testing, garment technology and a pattern technology design service. A resource centre is available, where fabrics and materials can be sourced. You can also access CAD support here or use laser and 3D printers.

What we provide

Studios and Equipment

The department of Apparel has four garment technology studios in which all the equipment is industry standard and updated regularly in line with manufacturing developments. There are three pattern technology studios and three CAD rooms housing the latest 2-D and 3D-software applications (Gerber/Acumark, Adobe Design Suite, V-stitcher, Optitex). Technical staff are close on hand to assist with the setting up and operating of equipment safely and professionally.

There are a diverse range of joining equipment for woven, stretch, leather materials and a specialist Innovation Zone for non-sewn technology ( ultrasonic welding, bonding and waterproof seam taping).

The facilities are utilised by undergraduate, post graduate programmes, research and enterprise collaborations. The equipment allows for a certain level of experimentation and works in synergy with the textile testing laboratories.

Technical Support

Technicians contribute by preparing and demonstrating equipment and informing students and staff of any high-risk elements to the processes.

Services include:

  • Competition and final year sample making
  • Maintaining and setting up specialist equipment for staff and students
  • Laser cutting, etching
  • 3-D printing
  • Embroidery design
  • Operation and support on body scanners
  • Pattern Directory – linked to Gerber/Acumark
  • Poster Printing, binding
  • Resource library
  • Staff and student demonstrations
  • Equipment loans

How we improve your student experience

All technical staff have had accomplished careers in the apparel industry. Consequently they have a vast experience to draw upon when advising students and dealing with enquiries. Students working autonomously on projects can seek technical help and support from the team.

Students can access equipment throughout the teaching weeks and technical staff are also on hand to support and advise students during extended opening hours on three evenings.

Our booking system for the laser, embroidery and 3D printing ensures fair access to the facilities along with point of contact for expert advice on apparel construction methods.

Our location

Cavendish Building, Manchester campus

Contact us

Marie Slater, Technical team leader (pattern and garment technology) / 0161 247 2629

Our staff

  • Marie Slater, Technical team leader (pattern and garment technology) / 0161 247 2629
  • Colin Stone, Technical Officer (CAD, media) / 0161 247 2626
  • Derek Hebdon, Technical Officer (Textiles, 3-D printing) / 0161 247 2634
  • Ella Wong, Technical Officer (pattern and garment technology)
  • Geoff Watkin, Technical Officer (sewing and non-sewn equipment technology) / 0161 247 2653
  • James Roscoe, Technical Officer (sewing and non-sewn equipment technology, 3-D, laser cutting)
  • Lynne Kyte, Technical Officer (garment technology, Resource Centre) / 0161 247 2630
  • Marlene Taylor, Technical Officer (pattern and garment technology) / 0161 247 2629
  • Clair Templeton, Assistant Technical Officer (equipment preparation and body scanning)
  • Steven Heaps, Technical Officer (CAD) / 0161 247 2487
  • Jayne Gill, Technical services manager (pattern and garment technology) / 0161 247 2608