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Manchester Centre for Youth Studies (MCYS)

The Manchester Centre for Youth Studies (MCYS) was established in 2014 and brings together researchers from across the university – including the humanities, social sciences and education – to explore how the meanings, experiences and representations of youth have changed over time.‌

Our vision is to become world leaders in enabling and creating youth-informed, youth-led research which will positively impact on young people’s lives and increase academic understanding.

MCYS aims to examine the competing conceptualisations of childhood and youth, while providing an opportunity to develop novel perspectives and new approaches to historical and contemporary understandings of youth. In so doing, it encourages opportunities to compare and contrast trends - regionally, nationally and internationally - in a variety of contexts.

Our specialist areas include:

  • Youth Justice
  • Urban Youth Language
  • Language and Identity
  • Youth Gangs and Violence
  • History of Youth
  • Youth Culture & Subcultures
  • Participatory Research 

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Launched in April 2016, the blog provides a platform for people involved in MCYS to share insights, opinions, and research with a wider audience.