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Friday, 6th January 2017

Proud to be at Manchester Met

Find out what our students say

Results from the Proud to be at Manchester Met campaign

The University launched a ‘Proud to be at Manchester Met’ project on 5th December 2016, where we visited faculties and engaged with students.

The aim of the campaign was to encourage students to express what makes them proud to be at Manchester Met, and share their stories and best experiences of their student journey so far.

We received over 530 comments from Manchester Met students and 25 images of students with quotes, which were posted on the University’s social media channels.

The top three areas which are important to our students and what they are most proud of were:  

Academics and tutors

Our academics and tutors were the best thing about their university experience; many students stated the name of their academics, and expressed how good their teaching was.

“The tutors and faculties are fantastic”

“The amazing teachers”

“Teaching has been fantastic and so has my course”

“The course tutors are brilliant”

“Friendly helpful tutors”


There were also general comments about the University, which included comments on the atmosphere, environment and diversity.

“Great facilities for group work, nice work environment”

“Manchester Met is full of opportunities”

“I like the whole university”

“Great atmosphere”

“An inspiring place, full of ideas”


Students also commented about their courses, and expressed how engaging, interesting and enjoyable they are.

“Learning new things and meeting wonderful people” 

“Interesting and very informative”

“Interesting seminars”

“Enjoyable course”

“I find the workshops in my course really helpful”

Other comments

“Fun, exciting and made a lot of new friends”

“The career hub helped me gain the experience I needed”

“Getting involved in all the extra opportunities available at Manchester Met and The Union”

Take a look at the images and comments here

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