Who we are

We are the landmark new £4m technology hub leading the way in harnessing renewable energy.

The Centre is exploring the pure science of the fuel cell itself, driving engagement with industry on a local, national and international scale, and developing the technology talent of tomorrow.

We have the technology, the minds and the know-how

A strategic asset for the city and University, Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre brings together the latest technology, world-leading academics and industry professionals to create new, clean electrolysers and fuel cells.

It brings alive the synergy between materials research and engineering. The focus is on next-generation energy, which will outperform current fossil fuel alternatives both in terms of environmental efficiency and cost effectiveness. The Centre has the resources and expertise to manufacture screen- and 3D-printed energy storage devices.

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We are fostering the talent of tomorrow

Inspiring young minds and developing the technology talent of tomorrow is a vital element of the Centre’s ethos.

We work with school children and education providers to raise awareness of green energy issues, embedding essential teaching and laboratory work into every stage of the curriculum. This gives children and young people the opportunity to see for themselves what it means for the world around them.

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