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Friday, 23 February 2018

Arts&Heritage: contemporary arts practice in heritage sites

Arts&Heritage is an agency based in Northumberland that occupies the intersection between contemporary art practice and the heritage and museum sector. In 2015 they were successful in securing funds to work closely with small museums in the North East and Yorkshire, supporting them as they commission new art. Called Meeting Point, this programme continued in 2017 and ten artists, designers and performers produced a range of contemporary responses ranging from textile signatures in the landscape, choreography translated into a virtual reality experience and a new beer produced as a limited edition. Five of the commissioned artists are practitioners and researchers based at Manchester School of Art, MMU.

Arts&Heritage will talk through the Meeting Point programme, outlining the stages to commissioning artists, and what artists need to consider when working within the constraints of a museum. The ten commissioned artists will present their projects accompanied by a short film.

This is a unique opportunity for attendees to learn about this growing area of curatorial and commissioning practice, and hear from the participating artists.

Artists presenting include: Serena Partridge, Stephen Dixon and Alison Welsh, David Appleyard, Brass Art, Martin Hylton, Owl Project, Lynn Setterington, Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan, Magnus Quaife, and Matt Stokes.

This event is supported by Arts&Heritage, Research in Arts and Humanities at Manchester Met University and the Arts Council.

Event contact Andy Turbine · andrew.turbine@mmu.ac.uk

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