Master of Sport Directorship

The Sporting Director Role

Increasingly in elite sports organisations, the Sporting Director is appointed to strategically lead the long-term sustainable success both on and off the field, course or track. 


Professional sporting directors act as the link between the commercial and business functions of the sporting club and the on-pitch performance. There are many skills and capabilities that a sporting director must possesses in order to effectively manage this function, drive increased business and sporting performance, and dovetail within a complex and often highly pressured organisation.

The well qualified sporting director will contribute to and drive increased levels of performance, effectiveness, professionalism and accountability in many aspects of an organisation’s sporting operations.

Typically working closely with a head coach or manager, the Sporting Director will bring a strong understanding of how each function and department contributes to the overall success of plans, and facilitates their effective implementation, accordingly.

Increasingly, sporting directors are finding a seat at the board table, and even where they are not they are almost universally commercially responsible to the board.

The best candidate for the role, which is still evolving in a new era of professionalism, is typically a leader, a respected expert in sports, and a great team player. A background in sports and business is often complemented with expertise and knowledge of commercial functions, corporate governance, people management and performance.

The Sporting Director is a unique talent, and this newly recognised and increasingly competitive role can be a great and hugely rewarding career for those uniquely qualified to succeed in elite sports globally.

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