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Information Systems Strategy

How we will support the University's mission through clear strategic planning and alignment.

Value statement

We work in partnership with our academic and professional colleagues to deliver digital and IT services that help the University achieve its strategic objectives in teaching and research, nationally and globally. We help to create the University of the future by co-designing new ways of working, enhancing productivity, reducing complexity, supporting innovation and providing the insights to drive continuous improvement.


1. Ensure business and IT alignment

This strategy will ensure that there is strategic alignment between IT investments and wider University strategy.

2. Deliver an integrated organisational approach

This strategy seeks to ensure that all IS investment and operational activities are aligned in support of the University strategy regardless of the specific organisational unit in which the capabilities reside. It also aims to eliminate and avoid unnecessary redundancy through centralised, shared IT capabilities, consolidated applications, and infrastructure.

3. Make informed strategic IT investment decisions

This strategy provides a clear picture of how each proposed investment supports University objectives by addressing identified gaps between the current and target states.

Strategic priorities

Deliver strategic investment in support of University objectives:

Deliver a strategic programme of investment to support University objectives in teaching and learning, research, internationalisation and sustainability by strengthening project and programme delivery, enhancing ROI and benefits realisation, and improving strategic alignment, prioritisation and risk management.

Transform capability to support changing University needs:

Transform the organisation IS capability to enable us to fully support the rapidly evolving University needs and exploit the digital future, encompassing major changes to process, people and technology.

Deliver quality services

Strengthen service management, optimise operational efficiency and improve customer operational service and satisfaction for our students, staff and visitors.

Critical success factors

  1. Develop and support highly reliable, available and usable services that deliver an excellent and personalised user experience
  2. Adopt a flexible and accessible approach to organisational change, leveraging a bi-modal approach to deliver projects on time, on budget and on value
  3. Attract, retain, develop and engage high performing staff
  4. Develop bi-directional understanding of business and IT needs through effective stakeholder engagement
  5. Deliver responsive, effective and efficient operational support.

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Strategic Investment Roadmap

How we will deliver our Strategy

In order to successfully deliver this strategy, the University is planning a series of strategic investments in key systems and technology-based capabilities, including the following areas:

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