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Information Systems is here to deliver technical excellence for today - and tomorrow. Find out more about our experts and expertise.

Learning and Research Technologies (LRT)

LRT is responsible for supporting and enhancing learning, teaching, assessment, research and student administration through the effective use of systems and data.

LRT runs Moodle, the Student Records System, the Student Portal and Learner Analytics systems, such as the CMI and SEM Dashboards, and has won awards for its joined-up approach.

LRT is home to the Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) team who work closely with academics, providing specialist technical and pedagogic advice on the use of technologies to enhance learning, teaching and assessment.

Often lecturers have specific objectives or requirements. Talking those through with the LRT team enables a recipe of techniques and technologies to be found that provides sustainable and effective innovation.

Technology-Enhanced Learning Advisors (TELAs) work directly with programme teams to deliver and deploy technologies fulfilling the University's learning design strategy and they work alongside application developers, analysts - and even lecturers within LRT - to keep the University at the forefront of learning innovation.

Learn more about Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL)

IT Service Delivery

The IT Service Delivery team is the face of Information Systems. IT Service Delivery colleagues liaise with students and staff across the MMU campus to solve any IT issues and make sure that changing needs are met. The team includes the IS Helpline team, Campus Management, and IT Rovers, students delivering on-the-spot technical support and maintenance across the campus.

IT Service Delivery makes sure that everything works.

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Information Security

The Information Security team protects confidential information and data from unauthorised access, misuse - and destruction.

This includes the complicated job of managing university information so that it adheres to all regulatory, legal, risk, environmental and operational requirements of today and tomorrow.

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IT Projects

Working on a special project for which you could benefit from technical input and support? The IT Projects team is here to help your ideas come to fruition more simply and speedily.

We’re here to talk over your requirements.

How to add ISDS expertise to your next project

Infrastructure and Operations

Infrastructure and Operations manages the hardware, software, networks, data centres, facilities and related equipment to develop, test, operate, monitor, manage and support the University's information technology services.

Business Systems

The Business Systems team develop, maintain and support the core business systems in Finance and HR.

This team focus on ensuring that systems are:

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