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Information Security Strategy

Defining the University's information security strategy

Information Security Strategy

Our Strategy outlines some critical success factors:

  • We define and keep the University information security system and associated policies and procedures up to date and fit for purpose, and support departments and faculties to implement it
  • We implement asset lifecycle management, supporting the University’s information security risk management process and work with departments and faculties to manage information security risks associated with their IT, projects and third-party agreements
  • We work with departments and faculties across the University to ensure proportionate and robust IT solutions are in place supporting our Information Security Strategy
  • We work with colleagues to identify regulatory and legislative requirements, including PCI DSS and data protection legislation, ensuring policy and control arrangements are adequate
  • We manage, co-ordinate and record all information security incidents across the University, and provide advice on how best to mitigate any associated risks
  • We ensure all staff and contractors have the right skills, knowledge and guidance to maintain the security of information held across the University
  • We operate an information security compliance programme to meet University and external requirements, and provide assurance to stakeholders

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Information Security