We are one of the largest research-led science and technology educators in the UK, offering high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across five specialist departments.

Our departments

Whilst each department has a distinct identity, our research is truly interdisciplinary and it’s this interface of different branches of knowledge that heralds genuine new discovery. 

Transformative research

Our work impacts on health and wellbeing, technological advance and sustainability 

Trailblazing research in the fields of musculoskeletal science, microbiology and advanced materials has an international reputation and is already making a transformative contribution to health and wellbeing and the world around us.

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Our Students

Our students benefit from learning in a research-active environment and are sought-after by employers for their analytical and problem-solving skills. They have exciting, diverse careers ahead: they go on to build railway networks, diagnose patients and discover new drug treatments, harness renewable energies and pioneer smart technology.

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Public Engagement

We believe science is for everyone and welcome people of all ages to get involved, whether by visiting our laboratories during the Manchester Science Festival, participating in a citizen science study or attending an expert lecture.

Public Engagement in Science and Engineering

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