Summary profiles of the work being undertaken by our current students are provided in the table below.

Postgraduate Researcher



Gabriela Montserrat Echegoyen Nava

Conferred PhD Feb 2013

M Corazoncito Se Queria Quedar: Everday Transnationalism Among Undocumented Mexican Migrants In The USA And Their Kin Iin Mexico 

Scott Poynting and Susie Jacobs

Christopher Porter

Conferred PhD May 2012

Cultures Of Resistance And Compliance: Football Fandom And Political Engagement In Manchester 

Christopher Allen and Katie Milestone

Benedicte Brahic

Conferred PhD June 2011

Negotiating Transnational Relationships - Between Opportunities And Challenges: European Bi-National Couples In Manchester 

Paul Kennedy and Anneke Meyer

Samantha McCormick

Body transformations – Social and cultural implications of cremation ashes transformation

Julian Holloway and John Scanlan

Lee Middlehurst

Reconceiving Cross-Dressing:

Transphobia and Support for ‘MTF’ Transgendered People Socialising


Manchester’s ‘Gay Village’

Christian Klesse and Stephen Whittle

Martha Walker

An Exploration of New Media Training

and its Impact on Women’s Careers in an Emerging Sector

Katie Milestone and Paul Kennedy

Colin Wisely

The Genealogy of the Needle

John Scanlan and Scott Poynting

Asma Mirza

Changing Gender Relations

in Small Businesses:

Experiences of Women of Pakistani Origin in

Greater Manchester

Shoba Arun and Susie Jacobs

Olutoyin Comfort Akinsete

HIV/AIDS Prevention Education and Implementation among Women in Ermelo Town, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa


Susie Jacobs and Christian Klesse

Suaad M A Elabani

Perceptions of attitudes towards violence of women in Libya


Susie Jacobs, Kathryn Chadwick, Shoba Arun and Mansour Pourmehdi

Ngan Ha Ngo

Fatherhood and masculinity in rural and urban Vietnam: a comparative study of generational ad class differences in men's attitudes and experiences.


Susie Jacobs, Melanie Tebbutt and Shoba Arun

Ambreen Shahzadi

Integration of Muslims in Britain and the Lived Experience of Young Muslims in Leicester


Hannah Smithson, Shoba Arun and Kathryn Chadwick

Paul Dresser

The evolving meaning of prevent policing, community engagement and social control in the context of a progression towards both 'reflexive modernisation' and 'dispostif' precautionary risk


Kathryn Chadwick, Peter Joyce and Robert Grimm

Elliott Smith

‘Union of the Self’: - A Study of trade unions and the blue-collar service industry workers within a public sector institution, and the relationship between the singular and collective working class self and experience of institutional representation during a period of economic decline.


Julie Scott Jones, David Calvey and Chris Porter

John David Jordan

The Work Programme: Making Welfare Work?

Susie Jacobs, Kathryn Chadwick and Chris Porter

Karen Kent

Gang Policy and Practice: An assessment of current interventions


Hannah Smithson, Robert Ralphs, Paul Gray and Kathryn Chadwick

Fariha Tajammal

Impact of Gender Responsive Budgeting on Gender Inequality: A case study of the education sector of Pakistan


Shoba Arun and Susie Jacobs

Charlene Crossley

Gang Policy and Practice in the UK – the “Manchestarz” – case study


Hannah Smithson and Rob Ralphs