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Check PC availability in the IT Zones in Manchester Cheshire

Help and Support

Call our 24 hour helpline on 0161 247 4646 or email


Microsoft discounts for staff

Staff wishing to buy specially discounted software for work-related use at home (£10 per program) can go to<, from where you will be asked log in to the University’s eResources Login page.

NB: These offers are only available while you are employed by the University. When you leave, you will need to either uninstall the software or purchase a new licence.

This offer includes:

  • MS Project Professional 2016
  • MS Visio Professional 2016
  • Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 


You can now download Minitab software from

  • Log in where prompted with your normal University ID number and password
  • Click the software link to see a listing of both free and discounted software
  • Choose what you'd like to download and follow the instructions.

For licence numbers, please contact the IT Helpline on 0161 247 4646.

Discounted software

For a wide range of discounted software,have a look at Pugh's Computers at

You may also be interested in the selection of Apple products offered by the Getech MMU Met Card Student Store. To make a purchase, sign in here with your Met Card. Don't have a Met Card? Sign up for one here.

MyMMU - available anywhere, on any device

Our students get a completely personalised online experience, with instant access to timetables and learning resources, all in one place and available anywhere thanks to the University’s innovative student portal: MyMMU.

MyMMU is available online at or you can download the mobile app for free; available from your provider's app store.


Your course materials, assignment deadlines and marks are all readily available in your virtual learning environment.


Your own MMU email account with a massive 50GB inbox is available to you wherever you go.


Your own, personalised timetable, easily accessible and synced to your mobile.

Microsoft Office

Free downloads and web versions of all of the Office apps so you can work on any device.

Personal Storage 

You get a whopping 1TB of space in the cloud to save your work securely.

Campus Maps 

Find your way around the University and quickly check real-time PC availability.


Accessing MyMMU

  • Log into MyMMU at 
  • You'll need your usual MMU ID and password
  • Download the free MyMMU app from your mobile app store
  • If MyMMU is unavailable at any time, you may still be able to access Moodle by going direct to