Humanities, Languages & Social Science provides distinctive programmes that prepare our students to go on to succeed in a diverse range of pathways. This globally networked faculty attracts students from all over the world, and communicators who can think critically and possess the potential to shape our global futures.

Enthusiastic, expert and professional staff, many of whom are actively engaged in research and have international reputations, teach our courses. Subject areas include English, History, Information and Communications, Languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Modern Standard Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Urdu), Linguistics, TESOL, Philosophy, Politics, Public Services, Sociology, Criminology and Multimedia Journalism.

Undergraduate Courses

Employers are increasingly looking for graduates with the kind of independent and flexible thinking that we nurture through our degree courses. With a wide range of subjects available and with many opportunities to combine subjects or even to study a foreign language for part of your course, our undergraduate degrees aim to equip you with the crucial skills of creativity, communication and thinking to take advantage of global job opportunities.

Postgraduate Courses

pg loans‌‌Our postgraduate courses help to give you the competitive edge, whatever the current stage of your career. Studying within a lively and bustling postgraduate community at our campus in the heart of Manchester, you will be taught by experienced professionals with a passion for their subject. We pride ourselves on producing internationally acclaimed work and an excellent research environment for our postgraduate students

Continuing Professional Development and Short Courses

We offer a wide range of fascinating and informative courses for personal interest or career development, all taught by our staff of 200+ lecturers from strong professional or academic and research backgrounds with international reputations and global connections. We work for and provide courses on behalf of clients including European, national and local governments, police and fire services and other notable public sector organisations. We pride ourselves on working with clients to develop bespoke courses to meet their needs.