Uniwide Languages

A warm welcome to all new students and staff, and to all who are thinking about doing a language this year.

Opt for a Language in 2020

Foreign language knowledge provides a clear advantage in today's job market and is a great way to enhance your CV; language skills show an awareness of other cultures and help make you a real ‘citizen of the world'.

Language lessons are different from your other lectures and involve lots of communicative activities. You will interact with native speaker tutors and other learners in a collaborative atmosphere. If you opt to join our Uniwide classes you can meet students from all over the university.

The rates of progression and satisfaction ratings are high. You will have a great story to tell future employers and you’ll pick up a range of transferable skills.

Enrolment will open in March for 2020/21 study

The following languages are available to study:

Spanish, Classical Latin*, Modern Standard Arabic, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, German, Italian and English as a Foreign Language.

* Delivery of Classical Latin focusses on reading and writing skills.

For further information about the courses, please contact f.long@mmu.ac.uk. For administrative information, contact optforlanguages@mmu.ac.uk.

Students who do not have the option to study a language as part of their degree can sign up to Uniwide Extra. E-mail optforlanguages@mmu.ac.uk for more information.

15 Credit Units

uniwide 15 credit

15 credit units run for 2 hours per week over one term (September- December or January-April). Units are available for beginners level in all languages and at a range of other levels, subject to viability. You will be assessed in speaking, listening, reading and writing using an integrated skills approach. This means that each of your assessments will include more than one skill, helping you to practise using the language in real-life situations. You will do 4 tasks as assessment on this unit. These tasks are spread out across the term.

30 Credit Units

uniwide 30 credit

If you are taking a language as the minor route on your degree (eg. Main Subject WITH a language), you will study for 2 hours per week over two terms (15 credits in Term 1 + 15 credits in Term 2). You will do 4 tasks as assessment each term to ensure that you are making progress in the language.

Student Support on Uniwide Language Courses

For more information see our Uniwide FAQs

Contact Information

Phone: +44 (0)161 247 3888
Email: optforlanguages@mmu.ac.uk


Uniwide Languages was featured in Manchester Met's Student Magazine (issue 6): Humanity Hallows - "Open up to global opportunities with Uniwide Languages".