Manchester Met has a vibrant and growing research culture within Linguistics and Languages. In addition to the two key areas of Applied Pragmatics and Forensic Linguistics and Sociolinguistics, we are home to FLAME – a research group developing expertise in the areas of pedagogy, languages, film and media. We also have researchers working in applied linguistics, TESOL, corpus linguistics, (critical) discourse analysis, intercultural communication, stylistics, French, German, Hispanic, Italian, interpreting and translation.

The Centre for Applied Pragmatics and Forensic Linguistics

Who We Are

The Centre for Applied Pragmatics and Forensic Linguistics was established in 2016, and brings together a team of internationally recognised researchers who are interested in effecting social change - directly or indirectly - in high stakes contexts (personal, legal, reputational, or financial) through the study of language. Core members are Professor Dawn Archer and Dr Samuel Larner. 

Our Vision

Improving the communicative experiences of individuals - especially in high stakes contexts. Maximising professionals’ communicative competencies within their professional settings.

What We Do

  1. Use our research to train and develop key personnel to better communicate with others
  2. Inform, help and empower people at risk of being misinformed and/or misunderstood
  3. Effect positive social change by improving communication between parties

For more information, contact Professor Dawn Archer or Dr Samuel Larner



Our current focus within sociolinguistics is on the relationships between language variation (e.g. accents and dialects) and identity. We are interested in the ways in which individuals and groups of people use similarities and differences in the way they speak in order to perform, negotiate, and maintain particular identities. We are also interested in the ways these different ways of speaking are perceived by others.

We have two key ongoing projects at the moment:

Manchester Voices - A community-based project looking at the accents, dialects and people of Greater Manchester.

Manchester Voices

UrBEn-ID - A Leverhulme Trust-funded project looking at the language, social practices, and identities of young people educated outside the mainstream structure.


Both projects have genuine social impact and relevance, in terms of issues around social identity, awareness raising, and the production of educational resources.

Core members of the sociolinguistics group are Dr Rob Drummond and Dr Erin Carrie