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Creative AR & VR Hub

Alasdair Swenson

AR & VR Application Development, AR & VR Teaching and Learning

Alasdair Swenson joined the Creative AR & VR Hub in the role of Research Associate, his past experience as a developer across a wide range of immersive technology projects are enabling the team to achieve in-house development of prototypes and demos for clients and research.  This development is further helping communication of technical AR&VR concepts with partners which benefits both the speed of the development cycle and in securing funding for future project development. His role is split between technical development and also looking at the role of AR&VR in teaching and learning at MMU where we are seeking ways to embed AR&VR technology into existing and future curriculums across a wide range of subjects. 

Alasdair completed a BA in Interactive Arts from Manchester Art School in 2008 and subsequently achieved a distinction for his MA in Creative Technology from Salford University.  Alasdair’s experience covers a range of successful creative digital applications, exhibitions and public facing experiences which have all incorporated interactive or immersive technology.  Alongside working on these commercial and research lead projects he has worked in technical roles within higher educational institutions where he has assisted students in their technical goals and delivered technical training in the digital content creation and interactive design.

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