The Department of History, Politics & Philosophy (HPP) has interdisciplinary strengths in international history and politics, European philosophy, public policy and administration, global governance, archaeology, and regional history and heritage. 

Offering stimulating programmes of study alongside a thriving research culture, the Department emphasises a student-centred approach to learning. We welcome students from across the UK and overseas and value the diversity of our student body. The Department takes pride in our research-led teaching, the range of our undergraduate and postgraduate offerings, and the opportunities available for students to work with academics at the forefront of their disciplines


The Department offers a variety of Undergraduate programmes, including single honours courses in the respective subject areas: BA (Hons) History, BA (Hons) Politics BA (Hons) International Relations and BA (Hons) Philosophy, alongside a host of Combined Honours options.  All programmes in the Department impart on students an appreciation of continuity and change over time and place, the ability to articulate arguments, critically examine evidence, and draw conclusions. In addition to teaching or pursuing further study, many of our undergraduate enter into graduate careers in areas such as law, public service, museums and archives, consultancy, marketing and other related fields that value graduates possessing strong skills in research, analysis, and expression.

Postgraduate study is available at the MA, MPhil, and Ph.D. level. Taught MAs in the Department include: MA History; MA Public History and Heritage; MA International Relations and Global Communications; Master of Public Administration and, MA European Philosophy. In addition, the Department offers a variety of professional short courses throughout the year.


The Department boasts an established programme of research

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Outreach and Community Work

The Department is engaged in an extensive programme of outreach, community and enterprise work, across the disciplines. Lectures, workshops, enrichment sessions and seminars covering a multitude of topics are held with local schools, community organisations and government agencies. The Department is committed to widening participation and interest in higher education.


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