The Philosophy section is home to the European and Applied Philosophy Group, which is part of the Humanities Research Centre.

Staff in the department are involved in the work of a number of national and international professional bodies including the British Society for Phenomenology; the British Society for the History of Philosophy; the Society for European Philosophy; Particularism in Bioethics, Professional Ethics and Medicine Network; and Convener of the Values-based Theory Network.

Our most recent doctoral defences were theses by Dr Dominic Kelly (on Heidegger), Dr Nicholas Aldridge (on Jean-Luc Nancy), Dr Nicola Crosby (on Kant), and Dr Shandon Guthrie (on the Metaphysics of Demonology). Students are currently writing doctorates on the work of Hegel, on the work of Jean Luc Nancy, and on the work of Foucault. There are weekly meetings of the Human Sciences Seminar (HSS) in the autumn and spring terms, and a seminar for graduate students to present their work in the summer term.

Human Sciences Seminar Series

Philosophy Research Degrees 

Opportunities are available to study for a PhD on a full-time / part-time basis and through distance learning.

Philosophy Research Degrees