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Department of Sociology

Jade Ledgister

Probation Service Officer

"Manchester Met provided me with lifelong friends, amazing experiences, and a foundation to build upon that has led me where I am today."
What is your current role and what are your main responsibilities?

My current role is a probation service officer for the NPS (National Probation Service). My main responsibilities include managing offenders on community orders who have been released on licence from prison. This involves promoting resettlement and rehabilitation, reducing reoffending and managing risk. We hold a lot of responsibility in terms of assessing and managing risk, it is important that we protect the public and keep them safe from harm. This involves recalling offenders back to prison if they do not comply with their licence conditions or supervision.

What did you enjoy most about your degree and why?

I enjoyed the fact that most lectures had opportunity for a class debate about what we had learnt. It is Important to address a situation from all viewpoints in order to see its pros and its cons and also to address counter arguments. Within group discussion there was always someone that did not agree with you, which made it that much more interesting. I also loved the practical opportunities available within certain units such as visiting prisons. This enabled us to see what prisons looked like, see what programmes they have on offer, get a feel of what prison life is like and to speak to prison officers about their profession. Many lecturers are well established with agencies outside of university, which can create a platform for you to grow on.

What key skills did your degree help you gain?

Networking, confidence, problem solving (being analytical), ability to work under pressure, and leadership.

Did you do a placement? If so, who was it with and how important do you think it is that students undertake a placement?

I did not do a placement year or a placement as such, but I chose to do some volunteering at the beginning of second year and then this led to a permanent paid position. This was with a mentoring charity called Reach Out within Manchester’s most disadvantaged areas. My work with Reach Out became very rewarding as I saw the changes within myself, the mentors and most crucial the mentees. Employers look out for voluntary work as it shows that you’re willing and to see this progress into a paid position was a bonus. I spoke about Reach Out within my interview for the NPS, the interviewers were very impressed as I had transferable skills which I use within my role today.

What is your top tip for other students looking to study your degree course at Manchester Metropolitan University?

Go to all events where there are guest speakers. There is nothing better than hearing things from the horse’s mouth. Once the class has finished take time to speak to the guest speaker and get their contact details, as you may need them one day, which is what happened to me!

Please complete this sentence: ‘I’m inspired by…’

People that are dedicated and chase their dreams

In one sentence, please describe what you loved most about Man Met:

Manchester Met provided me with lifelong friends, amazing experiences, and a foundation to build upon that has led me where I am today.

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