AR App for the WOW Zone

AR app celebrating immigration to Wythenshawe, will be developed with young locals.  


Wythenshawe Community Housing Group, home to the Wow Zone, look to celebrate immigration to Wythenshawe, by developing an AR app working with a group of young people, aged eleven to sixteen.


To develop an augmented reality app, facilitating content creation with the group of young people.

Creative approach

Oral histories from residents will be explored by the group to gain insight to their diverse community.  The Creative AR & VR Hub will run workshops and train the young people with digital skills to create content.  This may include audio/video interviews, graphics, photography, illustrations, artwork, 3D elements and other creative responses.


The app and creative responses from the group will contribute towards a two-month exhibition at the National People’s History Museum, celebrating ‘Roads to Wythenshawe’.

Nigel Wilson, Group Chief Executive Officer said, “Our young people are keen to learn about Wythenshawe’s heritage and this is a fantastic opportunity to develop their digital and creative skills.  The project will foster both a greater sense of pride in where they live and of cohesion within the community.”