The Manchester Centre for Youth Studies (MCYS) is an interdisciplinary research centre.‌ Our vision is for MCYS to become a world leader in youth-informed and youth-led research that positively influences the lives of young people.  

We believe young people should have the opportunity to participate meaningfully in decisions that affect them. MCYS employs participatory approaches to engage with young people across a range of contemporary and historical issues. 

The MCYS team brings together academics and practitioners from a range of disciplines, including Sociology, History, Criminology, Linguistics, Politics, English and Classics. We use our expertise in participatory and creative methodologies to explore areas such as:

 In addition to collaborating with young people and their communities, MCYS works with agencies and organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors, both in the UK and internationally. We welcome opportunities to work with third sector organisations, government bodies, the education sector, universities, professional societies, non-departmental public bodies, and advocacy groups. 


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