Gothic Manchester Festival 2019

The 7th annual Gothic Manchester Festival will be themed on 'Gothic Times'. This year the festival will span the whole of October with a whole range of events exploring the Gothic throughout time for you to get involved in. Watch this space for more details...

In the opening decades of the twenty-first century, with Trump in the White House and Brexit on the horizon, Angela Carter’s famous assertion of 1974 that ‘we live in Gothic times’  has never been more apt. But from the eighteenth century onwards, the Gothic mode has routinely placed the present moment under scrutiny, exploring the terrors of the age whilst calling into question the comforting fantasies upon which the established order rests. In this, the Gothic text might be seen to offer a culturally and politically engaged exploration of the historic period in which each text was produced, interrogating the contemporary present even as it calls into question standard historical narratives about the past.

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Gothic Manchester Festival 2019

We are calling for papers for our Gothic Manchester Festival Symposium 2019 on ‘Gothic Times.’

Call for Papers: Gothic Manchester Festival Symposium 'Gothic Times'

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