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Languages, Linguistics and TESOL

Emma Little

"This programme has given me confidence to creatively approach the things I used to fear about my job, such as grammar, vocabulary, or the possibility that I would have to design my own course."
About My Degree

I am studying a four year combined honours degree in English Literature and Spanish. These two intense courses involve lots of reading and studying. Staff make the engaging course content fun and accessible and I especially love how these two different courses inter-relate with the different units providing skills and knowledge which enhance my overall learning. For example, the numerous opportunities to speak Spanish in class and lectures has made it much easier to undertake oral presentations in English Literature. Also the opportunity to study world cinema in my Spanish studies has aided my understanding for my Cinema and Nation module on my English Literature course.

During this four year degree, this vast and wide course has provided me with a multitude of interesting and engaging information, delivered by academic staff who provide resources and guide us through the detailed course content.

I have loved the opportunities this degree has offered me. As a result of this degree I was able to embark on a Year Abroad in Spain, studying at a Spanish University. This opportunity not only allowed me to learn but also enabled to meet lots of people, travel and explore, gain work experience, enhance my own learning and interpersonal skills, in addition to realising and gaining confidence in my own ability to live independently.

What is your top tip for other students looking to study this course at Manchester Metropolitan University?

Never be afraid to ask questions! Talk to people, ask for help and get advice and guidance. There are so many beneficial resources available – use them. There is no shame in asking for help.

Start work early; plan well and organise yourself for a good work/life balance.

Please complete this sentence: ‘I’m inspired by…’

I am inspired by the academic staff at Manchester Met. They are approachable, friendly, committed people who work diligently to provide us with as much information and support as possible, encouraging us to try our best and offering advice, guidance and help when required. The staff at Manchester Met inspire me to work harder and foster confidence in myself and my abilities.

What do you love about Manchester Met?

I love the atmosphere at Manchester Met. It's friendly, comfortable, safe environment, has a real sense of community, with staff and students working together to learn and study. 

I love the opportunities that Manchester Met provides. Manchester Met offers so many opportunities to its students. Manchester Met encourages its students to get involved and do things to help us socially, personally and academically. There are many schemes and programs available to help us gain experience and help to improve interpersonal and academic skills. Opportunities such as Jobs4Students, Student and Language Ambassador schemes as well as numerous societies are provided for us to engage in, meet new people, learn new things and gain experience, preparing us for the world of work. We are encouraged to get involved and our always guided in the right direction to help us pursue our dreams and ambitions, develop our knowledge and skills and learn in new ways.

I love the facilities at Manchester Met. There are so many resources available to help enhance learning and studying, appealing to many learning styles.

I love the staff. All of the staff at Manchester Met are friendly, approachable and supportive. The pastoral support is particularly amazing at offering help and guidance.

Please complete this sentence: ‘I’m inspired by…’

I am inspired by the new doors I can already see opening up in front of me because of my experience at Manchester Met. I was challenged to accomplish things I didn’t know I could do, but now I’ve crossed the finish line. This feeling makes me believe I can walk through any door and rise to the occasion.

In one sentence, please describe what you loved most about Man Met:

I’ve never been in an educational environment where the staff are so supportive, where they sincerely look out for you, anticipate your needs as a student, know you personally, and give great feedback to shape you.

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