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Languages, Linguistics and TESOL

Megan Wilkinson

"Since languages are my passion, I LOVE being around others who share similar interests to myself."
What do you like most about your course?

I love my teachers/tutors. I feel they really care about me doing well. I enjoy the lessons and tasks we are given to complete. Since languages are my passion, I LOVE being around others who share similar interests to myself. The language department are so enthusiastic and make all of us feel welcome and comfortable. For me, the range of topics studied in lessons is great, I think we study a broad range of cultural aspects as well as language aspects. 

What skills do you feel you have gained during your studies at Man Met?

I've learnt to be more independent and my sense of initiative has improved immensely. I can work more effectively in a team and communicate more easily with tutors and peers. My social skills have improved due to group work, as well as through meeting a wide range of students. 

Have you taken part in any extracurricular activities or projects alongside your studies?

Yes! Sports, extra classes, work, dance. Being able to juggle extra activities helps me balance everything out and teaches me to prioritise my time. I've just received news that I will be next years Social Secretary of the Languages society!!

What is your top tip for other students looking to study this course at Manchester Metropolitan University?

Visit us, spend time with tutors and get to know about the course. Speaking to other students already doing the course will help too.

Please complete this sentence: ‘I’m inspired by…’

I'm inspired by everyone I meet. Each person including, students, teachers, course leaders and friends inspire me to do well and to keep going even when things are difficult or challenging.

In one sentence, please describe what you love most about Man Met:

It feels like home: my friends; peers; tutors; course and day to day life is all here.

Student Profiles